Midwinter Champions


Year Location Helmsperson Yacht Country
2023 Indian Harbour Beach, FL John Mollicone Sparcraft USA
2022 Tampa, FL Paul Foerster Grand Slam 2 USA
2021 Miami, FL John Mollicone Jesus Lizard USA
2020 Indian Harbour Beach, FL Tony Parker Bangor Packet USA
2019 Tampa, FL Rossi Milev Clear Air CAN
2018 Miami, FL Will Welles Bogus USA
2017 Indian Harbour Beach, FL Mike Ingham Tarheel USA
2016 Tampa, FL Rossi Milev Angel of Harlem CAN
2015 Tampa, FL Will Welles Cougar USA
2014 Miami, FL John Mollicone Helly Hansen USA
2013 Tampa, FL John Mollicone Helly Hansen USA
2012 Tampa, FL Peter Bream Team Tarheel USA
2011 Tampa, FL Peter Bream Team Tarheel USA
2010 Tampa, FL Charles Enright Orange Blossom USA
2009 Tampa, FL Tim Healy Pop Rocks USA
2008 Tampa, FL Chris Zaleski Twins USA
2007 Tampa, FL Robby Brown Preparation J USA
2006 Tampa, FL Anthony Kotoun Bamba Charger US Virgin Islands
2005 Tampa, FL Max Skelley Flying Squirrel USA
2004 Tampa, FL Geoff Moore No It’s Not USA
2003 Tampa, FL Tim Healy Hull #5277 USA
2002 Key Biscayne, FL Tim Healy Hull #5277 USA
2001 Tampa, FL Tim Healy Blind Squirrel USA
2000 Tampa, FL Geoff Moore Pipedream USA
1999 Key West, FL Tim Healy Mookie USA
1998 Miami, FL Terry Hutchinson Evita USA
1997 Key West, FL Chris Larson Writing Instrument USA
1996 Miami, FL Terry Hutchinson USA
1995 New Orleans, LA Vince Brun Bogus USA
1994 New Orleans, LA Terry Hutchinson Northern Exposure USA
1993 Miami, FL Ken Read Mookie USA
1992 Miami, FL Jay Lutz Dashboard Mary USA
1991 Miami, FL Jim Brady Fine 4WD USA
1990 New Orleans, LA Paul Foerster Grand Slam USA
1989 Miami, FL Jim Brady Slap and Tickle USA
1988 Miami, FL Ed Baird Monster Fish USA
1987 Miami, FL John Kostecki Pee Wee USA
1986 Miami, FL John Kostecki Terminator USA
1985 Miami, FL Morgan Reeser Sea Sharp USA
1984 Miami, FL David Curtis HJ USA
1983 Miami, FL Ed Baird Impulse USA
1982 Miami, FL Charlie Scott Viva 40 USA
1981 Key West, FL Augie Diaz I’ll Go USA
1980 Key West, FL John Jennings Black Star USA
1979 Key West, FL Mark Ploch/Jim Brady Tchau USA
1978 Key West, FL Mark Ploch Tchau USA