J/24 Rule Changes – Give Your Opinions

Tim Winger, Chairman of the International Technical Committee, has posted several proposed changes to the J/24 Class Rules in the discussion forum. Please have a look and leave your feedback on the proposals. Click Here to View the Forum Posts

J/24 Hiking Position – 2011 Rule Changes and Looking Forward

In the rule changes implemented this year (2011), the Class chose to eliminate our old rule 8.3 that stated “No member of the crew shall station any part of his/her torso outside the upper lifeline other than temporarily, notwithstanding the provisions of Racing Rules of Sailing 49.” The intention of […]

Statements from the IJCA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the International J/24 Class has issued the following statements for the class members. Click on the titles below to view the PDF documents. IJCA Policy on Measurement Compliance IJCA Statement on Illegal Weights

Recent Class Rule Change

Harken has recently made changes their winch product line. They have discontinued the 32B that has been one of the mainstays of the winches used as primaries, and replaced it in their product line with the Radial 35.2 PTA . Also the model 16 that has been a common secondary winch for the […]