GOOD VIBES Rocks J/24 Mexico Nationals

The Mexican J/24 Class continues to build on it strength and momentum with fleets continuing to improve and get strong in both Valle de Bravo as well as in Puerto Vallarta. Other fleets continue to develop nicely. Coporito recently did a fabulous job of hosting the 2012 Mexican J/24 Nationals. The weather was less than cooperative with only six races of at least eight that were scheduled for the vent. But, sailors are sailors–the fleet still managed to have great fun! Weather conditions were changing all the time. The first day of competition started with 5-8 knots, then the wind died completely and then re-started again with little velocity. As a result a second race was held but, unfortunately for most fleet, the wind died again before most boats could make to the finish line before the time limit. The second day the wind began to blow a little early and the first race was held again with light winds of 5-7 knots. Then like what happened on Friday, the wind died for about an hour before returning with gusts of 8 at 11 knots with rain. On Sunday the racing began an hour earlier and the first race was again run in light winds of 4-7 knots and the last race was run in rain! In summary, it was fun sailing despite the challenging conditions. A great turnout for the Mexican J/24 fleet and a special “Congratulations” to the “Good Vibes” team for showing great consistency in widely varying conditions– winning 4 of 6 races! Congratulations to Team GOOD VIBES- Jorge Murrieta, Julian Fernandez, Diego Fernandez, Jorge Ogarrio Ander Belausteguigoitia- for being crowned the 2012 Mexican J/24 Champions! Second place went to VENDETTA sailed by Mario Velasquez, with Margarita Pazos, Mario Velasquez Jr, and Walter Porter. Third overall went to a family team on BESANGA sailed by Jerome, Diego, Paul, Philip and Gloria Cervantes. Fourth spot went to a familiar name often at the top of the leader-board- Ken Porter on COMEX. And, finally in fifth was Javier Velasquez and crew.

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