J/24 Winter Regatta Recap from Italy

The J/24 class in Italy continues to reign supreme as the preeminent one-design class across the country.  With hundreds of boats spread across the country, it’s easy to hop into one, give the boat a “refresher” and go sailing with friends.  The J/24 Winter Regatta circuit is conducted in five sailing areas around Italy, from the North to the South, from East to West.  Here are some quick updates on their activity since the start of 2012.

TARANTO- So far, in what is perhaps the southernmost Italian J/24 fleet located in Taranto (inside the “heel of the boot”), they are the only fleet that has seen the most sailing this winter on the Ionian Sea.  It looks like JEBEDEE ITA-427 with the duo of Soriano-Macina continue to lead the standings in a fleet of sixteen J/24s, but DOCTOR J ITA-406 skippered by Sandro Negro is only one point behind.  They are currently ahead of MA TI LTD ITA-490 sailed by Angelo Lombardo and John Cavallo, LUMACHIA COSIMO DE PADOVA ITA-172 sailed by Carlo D’Errico.  For more J/24 Taranto sailing information

ANZIO-NETTUNO- This region for J/24 sailing includes the entire Gulf of Anzio and Nettuno (Rome, Vatican City) and the various yacht clubs that surround it, including the Navale Italiano.  So far, they’ve had good racing despite the tough conditions with mistral/scirocco type of conditions with rough seas and 15-25 knots winds from the Easterly quadrants (blowing offshore).  In this fleet of twenty-eight J/24s, the NAVY’s ITA-416 sailed by Ignatius Buonanno is leading with Marco Vincenti in second and Massimo Mariotti in third.  The fleet tried to sail the past weekend, but horrible weather forced the Polizia to stop traffic in many areas near the coast, canceling races for the weekend.   For more J/24 Anzio-Nettuno sailing information

After the second weekend of racing, the J/24 teams did have a nice video made of their winter series, you can see it here:  http://www.saily.it/webtv/video.php#572/2762

MARINA DI CAPITANA– Out on the island of Sardinia, the J/24 fleet has been having a much harder time getting their winter series rolling due to incredibly bad weather.  Whatever they’ve been getting on the mainland, it’s only twice as worse or more out on the island, especially with the winds in the ENE quadrants- mistrals are rough going on the northeastern shores of Sardinia.

The Winter Series Championship is organized by the Yacht Club St. Helens under the auspices of the Italian Sailing Federation, with assistance of the Port of Cagliari.  Despite the dismal weather, the first weekend of actual sailing had a  welcoming sun and the nice wind made for three great races.  At the top of the leader board with three 1sts is ITA-103 sailed by Paco Jadine.  Just behind them is Laura De Luisa on DELL’INCIVISI Sailing Team with a 3-2-2.  Lying third is an all-girl team lead by Claudia Barbara sailing EXPRESSIVE MEDIFARMA with a 2-4-3.

On the second weekend of sailing, Claudia and her girls on EXPRESSIVE MEDIFARMA started off strongly by winning the first race!  Nevertheless, after two races the standings are still the same as the previous weekend as Paco Jadine is still on top. The Winter Championship in Sardinia will continue during the weekend of 4, 18, 30 March and 1 April.  For more J/24 Sardinia sailing information

CERVIA– If the weather was creating some difficulties to get racing going in Sardinia or in Rome, the sailors in Cervia (south of Ravenna) were far worse off on the eastern coast of Italy on the Adriatic Sea.  A combination of bad weather and heavy snowfall wreaked havoc on their winter sailing season so far.  On their first weekend of sailing in 2012, twenty boats were ready to sail but due to strong wind, fog, or absence of wind, they managed to only get in one race.  So, the schedule is getting reworked to schedule in more days for sailing.  At this stage the J/24 Fleet Captain Guido Gudagani is leading on ITA-400 CAPTAIN NEMO.  He’s followed by Antonio Antonelli with KISMET in second and Fabio on ITA-424 APOLLONIUS in third.   For more J/24 Cervia sailing information

CAGLIARI- The other J/24 fleet in the southern part of Sardinia sails out of Cagliari and the renowned Marina Piccola Marina on the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Cagliari.  So far, they have managed to get in three races sailed.  Like their fellow J/24 sailors they’ve also experienced rain, cold and light winds interspersed with strong storms.   The report so far from one of the competitors:  “With three races so far, an indomitable race committee was able to carry itself well on a typically dreary day. Rain, little wind and cool temperatures did not deter anyone and the racing has been at the top, as is customary in this class.  A solitary boat appears to be leading the pack: it is Kimbe Alberto Gai, skipper and owner. This brand new boat, in which nothing is left to chance, includes Giovanni Meloni to call tactic and with a 1-3-1 seems to have taken flight on the group. Five points separate them from their pursuers.”

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