2014 IJCA World Council Meeting

The 2014 IJCA World Council Meeting takes place on Saturday, October 25 at Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (Schöne Aussicht 37, 22085 Hamburg, Germany, Tel.: +49 40 – 55 77 99 5 0, e-mail: mail@nrv.de). The recommended hotel is the NIPPON HOTEL Hamburg (Hofweg 75, 22085 Hamburg, Germany, Tel.: +49 40 / 22 71 14 0, e-mail: reservations@nipponhotel.de, www.nipponhotel.de). Hamburg is the only airport nearby. The next options would be Bremen (100 km) or Hannover (150 km). By September 15, NJCA delegates are to confirm their attendance. This is also the deadline for all NJCA Annual Reports, proposals for the agenda complete with supporting papers and any substantive motions to be received by Executive Director. We are looking for proposals for the 2018 Worlds to be held in Europe, and we will also review the Continental Championship rotation. October 18 is the final date for proxies to be received by the Executive Director (see IJCA Constitution 8.7).

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