Acquisition of J/Boats files

From the introduction of the J/24 in 1977 until about 2009, Tillotson-Pearson or its successor company Pearson Composites built the vast majority of J/Boats. They have files and records on every boat built. Since Pearson Composites and J/Boats ended their relationship, these files have been inaccessible. Recently, WLS with the knowledge and cooperation of J/Boats, secured all of these files and records. The end result of which is a better ability to provide “Factory” service and parts for the 13,000+ J/Boat owners out there. There are about 500,000 documents relating to every J/Boat ever made. We are in the process of having them scanned, indexed and catalogued, and brought into a searchable web form. We are also integrating all the bills of materials and parts to our parts department and web-store. We were hoping to have the scanning and indexing all completed before we announced this, but the storm has forced our hand. Many J/Boats of many vintages will be in need of repairs and specialty parts. Having access to this information will help us pinpoint the exact “factory” parts that the boat was built with and, perhaps more importantly, where to source it. Not only was TPI sitting on a half-million documents that were of little use to them, they also have a back forty full of useful molds. Laymen probably think each boat uses two, three, or maybe four molds. Not so. There are many, many molded pieces that go into each boat. Many of these parts are the ones that wear out or get broken. Sure, there are work-arounds, but they are expensive and it can be a real problem getting the parts to fit and operate properly. As part of our deal on the files, we have also secured the rights to make parts out of the original molds. This includes items such as rudders, hatches, sea-hoods, pedestal, interior parts, etc. Access to these molds will greatly expand our capabilities to service J/Boat owners and help retain value of your J/Boat. With this acquisition of molds, we also have the capability to complete repairs that would simply be financially unrealistic without this tooling. Deck broken? We may be able to replace it. Major hole? We may be able to scarf in a new, molded hull section. So, if your beloved J/Boat was beat up in the storm, don’t despair–Waterline Systems stands ready to help you restore it.

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