Battle at Chilean J/24 Nationals

The Chilean J/24 National Championship was sailed on the waters of the Bay of Concepción, based on Quiriquina Island, for a dozen J/24 teams. A select group of famous South American J/24 sailors were invited to participate as crew aboard various boats, including Brazilian Mauricio Santa Cruz, multiple World and South American Champion. In addition, Argentine Matias Pereira, multiple South American Champion, Pan-American Champion and multiple Argentine Champion was crew. And Nicolas Cubria, former Argentine Champion, also sailed as crew. Each one of them sailed as crew with a top Chilean helmsman. Positioning themselves comfortably in first place on the first day of racing was the Chilean Del Castillo and his crew (all local) who won three of the four races. In the first two days, the winds were mild. But, as the racing progressed and the wind increased, it was a trade-off between the top end genoa or the jib. At the end of the last race, the teams of E. Fernandez and N. Cubría with the crew of Carlos del Solar and Mauricio Santa Cruz were tied on points. As in the last regatta, Del Castillo won and qualified as Chilean 2018 J/24 Champion. Second was Carlos del Solar with Mauricio Santa Cruz. Third was Patricio Rodriguez’s team with Matias Pereira. Fourth was Raúl del Castillo. For more Chilean J/24 Class information, visit

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