CARRER Takes J/24 Cordoba Championship

As they have for years, the “400 Club” as it’s known amongst the J/24 sailors that go sailing in Argentina’s Andes Mountain range hosted yet another fantastic regatta. Located not far from its famous vineyards for making the delicious red Malbec’s and for snow-skiing in yet another direction (like at the top of the lake!) the J/24 sailors made the most of what can be some of the world’s most spectacular sailing conditions as well as it’s craziest. Think of sailing on any Swiss Lake, Lake Dillon in Colorado or Nevada’s famous Lake Tahoe; micro-bursts are normal and boats sailing at one another with spinnakers on opposite legs are simply part of the game. For this year’s event, the Campeonato Centro de la Republica Cordoba, it was Pablo Despontin’s team on CARRER that managed to win by the narrowest of margins. With 21 boats on the water of Lago San Roque from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza and Neuquen the fleet managed to sail three races over the course of three days, such is the case with mountain breezes! On the first day of sailing, the fleet managed to get in two good races with a reasonable winds. The second day of racing was difficult and the RC was only able to get in one good race due to highly variable climatic conditions that went from storm to calm and mountain “Borneos” of 180 degrees changes in wind direction, until it settled to about 8 to 10 knots. Despite the weather conditions, there was incredible enthusiasm and very cool racing amongst the J/24 sailors despite the heat of the competition. Not to mention, of course, was the absolutely amazing party in the evening with beautiful people, fine wines & champagne and incredible fireworks magically reflecting off the lake like it was a mirror! Sadly, there was no racing Monday since there was a complete lack of wind. As a result, the regatta ended with three races counting with no throw-outs. True to their tradition for this event, the regatta organizers, 400 YCC, J/24 Cordoba Fleet and others had a fabulous closing ceremony and awards. To next time, as they say, but this time with more wind!

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