Downpour at the 2010 J/24 Worlds

Worst possible touristic conditions but perfect sailing on the second day of J/24 in Malmoe. Light and tricky winds in the first race was followed by broaches and breakage in the second, both races in heavy rain. Even starts and tight roundings challenges crew work and nerves for the participants.
In the first race of today A Gunnarsson (SWE) sailed in the lead from the end of the first upwind and won elegant the first race. M Garzmann (GER) advanced to second from a nice last upwind in the light and shifty breeze.

In the second race the wind increased to 12 m/s. M Santa Cruz (BRA) made a false start and have had a poor beginning of the worlds. T Healy (USA) won the fourth race before PH Persson (SWE), who had a nice start and sailed with good height and speed on the upwinds. Third was previous champion A Casale (ITA).

After four races Casale is leading Pereira (ARG) and Karsunke (GER). Ingham (USA), Gunnarsson (SWE) and Southworth (GBR) follows in the battle for the title.

The races are visible from the shore close to the Turning Torso building starting 10.30 every day. 

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