Füred Cup in Balaton, Hungary

The Füred Cup, the final series of the One Design Trophy, was held in a strong wind this weekend at the venue of the J/24 European Championship in Hungary. Balaton showed its windy and varied sides to the sailors. The first day, races were postponed due to the strong gusts exceeding 35 knots. The wind was still puffy in the morning, but the forecast looked well for the rest of the day so after a short delay the fleet started the regatta under strong but fair conditions. Jinge won the first race—a newcomer in the Class who started only last year, but they have been improving very well this season. The defending Hungarian Champion IJroncat finished second in the first race, and JBond037 arrived as third. The wind decreased for the second start, but the fleet still used the jib to keep upright. IJroncat won the race just a couple of centimetres ahead of Jukebox, and Jinge finished third in this race. For the last race of the regatta, the wind dropped to 8-18 knots, and half of the fleet changed their jibs to genoas. The north wind was still tricky, and a former Hungarian Champion Tamás Madarász made a good decision after the start and won the race well ahead of JBond037 and IJroncat. See you at J/24 Europeans 2017! For information, visit http://j24europeans2017.hu/.

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