GURU-SIRTECOM Tops Chilean Navy J/24 Regatta

The 20th edition of the Chilean Navy Regatta Frutillar was held on the waters of Lake Llanquihue and organized jointly by the Chilean Navy and the Cofradía Náutica de Frutillar Yacht Club. “Lago Llanquihue” is the largest lake in Chile, just north of Puerto Montt along the Pacific coastline. A strong fleet of a dozen J/24s participated in the multi-Class event that took place over three days. The J/24s experienced eight races with very shifty winds, with the velocity ranging at least 8-15 knots over the course of each day. The J/24 fleet included eight boats from Talcahuano; Raul del Castillo from Algarrobo; and Tomas Detri from Villa La Angostura, Argentina. The ultimate winner was GURU-SIRTECOM, with Nicolas Cubria from Argentina on helm. They won the title after sailing in a more protected area of the bay that produced 10-30 degree windshifts. In the end, the podium was rounded out by Raúl del Castillo’s LA BANCA in second place and the duo of Andrés Menta/Carlos Lucero on VIKING in third position.

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