J/24 HAWKEYE Wins Barbados Boatyard Cup

Team HAWKEYE won the Boatyard J/24 Regatta including crew Colin Symes, Jaime Ward, Eddie Cheeseman, Charles Allen and Annika Povey. Burke’s IMPULSE crew, finishing just one point back, placed second with 8 points. Mayers’ ESPERANZA won the first race and finished in third place with 9 points. How does the Boatyard Bar & Restaurant/Suzuki Marine/Carter’s Fisherman’s Corner National Championship series look like going into the next series of races? BUNGA BUNGA’s Mr. Gloumeau is winning. Their performances in the Tiki Bar and Massy Stores Regattas are keeping them in the hunt. With Gloumeau’s crew on BUNGA BUNGA currently leading by just 2 points, it’s Mayers’ ESPERANZA in second place. Behind them, it’s Povey’s HAWKEYE tied with Burke’s IMPULSE on 13 points each and just one point back is Tindale’s COLLEGE FUND$ in fifth place. For more Barbados J/24 Sailing information, visit https://www.facebook.com/BarbadosJ24Sailing/.

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