J/24 Sail and Ski Week

If you’re planning to sail in the historic Primo Cup in Monaco, you should also make plans to join your fellow J/24 sailors for some fun on the ski slopes.

MON-JCA President, Dennis Frederiksen, has once again arranged for a fantastic week of skiing and sailing.

See the details below from Dennis.

Primo Cup Website is here.

———— From Dennis Frederiksen ——————

We are very excited about this year’s Primo Cup and the 2nd J24 Ski Challenge.

To make it a little easier for all I have put together the following information for you to consider:

–  If you arrive with your boat or by plane to Monaco on Monday the 27th of January, you will have the possibility to stay one night in Monaco or immediately make your way by train or car to LIMONE, Piemonte. It will take you less than two hours.

– Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning you will get installed in your hotel, get your skis and the remaining day of Tuesday we will ski.

– Naturally the ski day will finish with After Ski drinks.

– Tuesday night I will invite you all to my place for “aperitif” before we will go to a local restaurant for dinner.

– Wednesday morning we will have the 2nd “J24 Primo Ski Challenge”. This race should be finished before midday, and we can then either go to a restaurant in the slopes or continue skiing.

– We will have prize giving during After Ski drinks.

– Thursday morning we will return to Monaco to do the inscription for PRIMO CUP and set up the boats. Alternatively you could return to Monaco on Wednesday evening after the After Ski drinks.

Please see below the information about transportation and accommodation.


Limone’s website:  http://www.riservabianca.it/home.aspx

The nice thing about Limone is that you can take the train and the station is just on the edge of town and very convenient, especially because you don’’t really need a car once you get here.

You can buy the train ticket in Monaco for the entire way, or it is less expensive to just buy Monaco to Ventimiglia in France/Monaco and buy the Italy part in Italy when you connect.  There could be a long line but they even have a ticket machine now which has a choice for English and is quite easy to do and usually does not have a line.

Monte Carlo to Ventimiglia:


Ventimiglia to Limone (direction of Cuneo)

Below is the list of hotels I have for Limone but there are more.  There are only two 4* hotels in Limone, both are nice.  The Excelsior is in the center of the village and has a shuttle van to take you to the lift (3 minutes away)  The Principe Hotel is at the foot of the ski lift.  The remaining hotels are 3* and basic and simple.

Hotels in Limone 4 STAR:
Residence Grand Palais Excelsior
Via Roma, 9
12015 Limone Piemonte
+39 0171 929002 fax: +39 0171 92425


The rooms are apartments and you can choose to “unlock” the kitchen part or not based on your rate.  They have a really nice restaurant.

Albergo Principe
Via Genova 45
12015 Limone Piemonte
+39 0171 92389 fax: +39 0171 927070


Hotels in Limone 3 STAR:

Hotel Marguareis
Via Genova 30 – angolo Via S.Secondo 9a
12015 Limone Piemonte
+39 0171 927567
Email: info@hotelmarguareis.com

(basic, clean, convenient, nice breakfast, have a room with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom all together which is convenient with kids) The owner is Davide, his sister Daniella. Very nice people, tell him I said to call (not sure if it will help but can’t hurt!)

ApartHotel Residence Limone
(sister hotel of Principe)
Piazza Risorgimento 10
12015 Limone Piemonte
+39 0171 926965 fax: +39 0171 926994
Email:  limoneresidence@libero.it

Albergo Tripoli La Margherita
Address: Via Ing. Carlo Valbusa 11
Locality: 12015 Limone Piemonte
Phone: +39 0171 92397 fax: n/d

Meublè La Piazzetta
Address: Via Roma 38
Locality: 12015 Limone Piemonte
Phone: +39 0171 926575 fax: n/d

Tre Amis
Address: Panice Soprana Quota 1400, 95
Locality: 12015 Limone Piemonte
Phone: +39 0171 928175 fax: +39 0171 928177
E-mail: info@hotel3amis.it

Address: Via Roma, 4
Locality: 12015 Limone Piemonte
Phone: +39 0171 92393 fax: +39 0171 926717
E-mail: touring@cnnet.it
(this one is right on the main street in the village, across from the Excelsior)

Best regards,
Dennis Frederiksen
T +377 93 100 456 M +33 6 07 04 26 60


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