Journey to the J/24 World Championship

Report from Andrew MacFarlane (Team Tundra Rose)

Seattle based J/24 Team Cinquecento is Keith Whittemore (AKA KW), Karen Kast (AKA KK), Kevin Downey (AKA KD), Brian Thomas (AKA BT), and Andrew Macfarlane (AKA The Bugger!), and yes that is what we call each other! We left Seattle Wednesday November 9th around 2:00PM with four boxes of sails and eight other checked bags, all heading to Buenos Aires for the 2011 J/24 World Champs. We changed planes in LA and the first port of call in South America was Lima, Peru. The first half of the trip was great, a few glasses of bubbles and a nice Malbec with a steak dinner before a good five hours sleep before we land in Lima. We got off the plane and we were informed that the flight to Buenos Aires had been cancelled. The story was that all air traffic to Buenos Aires was cancelled due to an ash cloud from a volcano that erupted a few months ago. We were told we “might “ get out the next day. Fortunately for us, it was only a 6 hour delay.

We landed in Buenos Aires 6 hours late and the pre-booked rental car was nowhere to be seen. A quick phone call and we were told that the car would arrive at the airport within 30 minutes, not bad for being 10:00pm. We waited and then waited some more… 1.5 hours later, we decided to take the matter into our own hands and found a suitable rental four all of us and our gear!

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