LA SUPERBA Repeats J/24 TAN Regatta Win

The Trofeo Accademia Navale (TAN) is more and more a sailing festival for everyone, the only sailing event in Italy that unites world-class athletes, thousands of lovers of the sea, the disabled and people in need, together in their passion for the sea and for solidarity with one another. Included within the event is “The Regatta of Solidarity,” organized by the Naval Academy and Retedeldono–it’s a charity fundraiser for the “Italian Union of Sailing Solidarity” (an organization founded in 2003 with 27 associations that has enabled over 20,000 people with disabilities to go sailing in the past ten years). “The idea that the sea is for the few, for the elite, has challenged the boating world; instead we have taken a road that will open the doors of the sea for all. It will be beneficial to the whole society and the boating industry.” This is the message that comes from the rally being held in Livorno at the Tuttovela village to celebrate the 30th TAN. “The sea is not a luxury or a privilege for the few, but a resource for the whole society, a means to educate young people, to be inclusive, to tackle social disadvantage and disability.” The rally ended with Don Antonio Mazzi speaking about the importance and value of the sea, stating that: “Saint Peter was a fisherman, Noah made the Ark and saved the world, and Jesus on the Sea of Galilee said to his disciples on the Ark: ‘Do not be afraid I’m there on the Ark with you.’ The sea is infinite, its power is its beauty: we must enjoy with our family and children and we will return home a better person.” Taking up the challenge to help others and educate them on the beauty and power of the sea was an entire flotilla of J/24s participating in the event to honor the “sailing solidarity” theme. As they did last year, the team of Ignazio Bonanno and crew on LA SUPERBA sailed a good series to repeat their win in this 30th anniversary event, winning four of the races along the way. Second was the top German team, Shade Frithjof sailing JJ-ONE to one of their best regatta performances in Italian waters. Third was Fabio Delicati sailing DJKE, fourth was Pietro Diamanti on JAMAICA and fifth was Nicola Giovannini on OTTOBRE ROSSO. For more information, visit

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