LA SUPERBA Wins J/24 Anzio-Nettuno Winter Champs

This past weekend was the final racing for the Winter J/24 Championship for Anzio-Nettuno for some of the top Italian J/24 teams, including the current J/24 2012 European Champions. After another crazy day of winter sailing when the postponement flag was announced for the imminent arrival of a huge storm, Ignazio Bonanno and his team of Italian Navy crew were, once again, the Winter Champions of Anzio-Nettuno for 2013. In second place was the strong Hungarian crew commanded by Farkas and third was Luigi Ravioli of the Navy League of Anzio. Said Ignazio of his series win, “my LA SUPERBA crew are fantastic, they are Simone Proof, Francis Linares, Alfredo Branciforte, Massimo Gherarducci. We are pleased with this result but we’re already thinking about the next steps of the Circuit J24 Italiano that includes Pasquavela in Porto Santo Stefano, scheduled from March 28 to April 1 and the XXX Naval Academy Trophy & City of Livorno, April 25 to 28.” In second place was the very strong Hungarian crew from BUDAPEST BANK, skippered by Farkas Litkey with 23 points and third was STOCKFISH sailed by Luigi Ravioli (LNI Anzio) with 24 pts. Rounding out the top five was Fabio Delicate on DIJKE with 28 pts and in 5th was Paolo Rinaldi on AMERICAN PASSAGE with 41 pts. The local J/24 Councillor d’Aloisio Mayo said, “Despite the decidedly hostile winter season, the Race Committee was able to sail the 15 races scheduled in three days. Most importantly, forty-eight new sailors battled for the trophy and, thanks to the commitment, patience and professionalism of the owners we have transformed the occasion into a coaching/ training session for everyone. This trophy was born, in fact, to give the opportunity to many fans to learn the world of racing and the J/24 and the Roman fleet, to grow constantly! A special thanks goes to all those who participated, to the owners of the Roma J/24 fleet, the Head of J/24 Fleet Paul Rinaldi, the Navy League of Anzio, which organizes the trophy with the support of volunteers, the Race Committee and the Italian Navy Sailing team in Anzio.” For more J/24 Italian Winter Championship sailing information, visit

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