QUARTIERE LAVINIO MARE Wins J/24 Palio di Anzio Regatta

The second edition of the Palio di Anzio J/24 Regatta was won by Quartiere Lavinio Mare. The crew, skippered by Gianni Riccobono, wins for the second consecutive year. In second place from Anzio was Marco d’Aloisio sailing DON J, and third was Massimo Noons at the helm of JULIO CAESAR with a local crew from Anzio’s neighborhood sailing center. It was a beautiful and historic sailing event blessed by good winds, good race management and organized by the non-profit organization Palio Anzio. The event is a celebration of the history of the port of Anzio and the eight districts that make up the city surround the port. For some historical perspective, it was in 1761 that Cardinal Antonio Pignatelli of Naples was planning on joining the Conclave in Rome sailing by water. However, he was caught in a gale which forced him to take shelter in the Gulf of Anzio. Here the generous citizens of the town welcomed him for the time necessary to be able to return to the sea and reach Rome, carrying a promise that, if he became the Pope of the Catholic Church, that he would build the port of Anzio. That promise came true, as he was elected Pope Innocent XII. After a few months of living in Rome, he recalled the promise and returned to Anzio, this time by land, to lay the first stone of the new Port of Anzio near the ruins of the ancient port of Nero! Today, the crew of Anzio Lavinio, by winning the trophy for the second time may have the opportunity for a three-peat performance next year! For more J/24 Italy sailing information, visit http://www.j24.it/web/.

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