South American Championship

Saturday, the last race of the South American Championship was conducted in Peru, whereby BRUSCHETTA (Brazil) was crowned South American Champion with 14 points. Second was SCARAMOUCH (Peru) with 22 points, and third GURU (Chile) with 35 points. The championship began with an average wind of 9 knots on the first official day of racing, and they managed to complete the first two races. BRUSCHETTA jumped out to the lead on day one. With an average wind of 11 knots, three races were held on the second day of racing, and BRUSCHETTA retained her lead. On a wonderful third day of racing with an average wind of 13 knots, competitors made two more races. Applying the first discard, BRUSCHETTA stayed in first with 6 points (SCARAMOUCH was in second with 14 points, GURU in third with 23 points, and close behind WAYRA in fourth with 24 points.) For complete results and photos, visit

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