Team EVNIKI-SIXT Crowned Greek J/24 National Champions


The Faliro Sailing Club hosted the Greek J/24 National Championship for a fleet of 13 boats. Proving they will be one of the leading contenders from Greece in both the 2023 European and World Championships was team EVINKI-SIXT with Mr. Altsiadis at the helm. Starting the first day of the three-day event in fourth place with a 4-2-4 tally, EVNIKI-SIXT then posted four firsts and a 2-3 in the nine-race series to win with just 15 net points (six points clear of the next boat). The balance of the podium was a closely fought series of races between Manolakis’ AURORA SPANOPOULOS and Tagaropoulos’ HELLENIC POLICE teams. By closing the regatta with a 4-2-3, AURORA SPANOPOULOS secured the silver medal over their friends on HELLENIC POLICE. The balance of the top five included Sotirou’s J/MANIA in fourth place and Papanikitas’ SND in fifth place.

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