Uruguay is the New South American Champion

The Brazilian neighbors were the best at the J/24 South American Championship in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Continental title was won by the Extasis Sailing Team from Uruguay, Punta del Este, with Pedro Garra (the famous Peter Claw!) at the helm. In second place was Worknet, the Argentinians from Olivos, with Nicolas Cumbria at the helm; and in third place, the Brazilians from Veleiros do Sul Yacht Club, C’est la Vie Sailing team, with Henrique Dias at the helm. The Championship had seven races among 12 South American boats, where the winner was appointed only after the last race with an amazing duel between the Extasis and Worknet teams. Nevertheless, the Uruguayan crew formed by Pedro Garra, Juan Real de Azúa, Ivan Guicheff, Alejandro Carluccio and Matias Garcia confirmed their winning streak, which began by wining the Brazilian J/24 Championship during the same week in Porto Alegre. “This was our first J/24 South American title, after participating in this event for three consecutive years. The Championship was fantastic with amazing regattas and lots of wind. Our opponents, some of them new to us like Nicolas Cumbria, sailed very well, and we knew that would be a hard Championship to win,” said Garra, 46, also winner of the Buenos Aires Sailing Week with the J/70 Class. The Championship also had the participation of veteran helmsman Boris Ostergren, 77, who won the seventh race with Nicolas Muller, 14, as a crew member, finishing in fifth place overall.

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