VITESSE Crowned J/24 Pfingst Cup Champion

The Flensburger Segel-Club held their annual Pfingst Cup in Glucksburg, Germany for a fleet of J/24s in the first week of June. Many of the teams were of European and World Championship caliber in the dozen-boat fleet. In the end, winning the event was Manfred Konig’s VITESSE from Muhlenberger Sailing Club, winning three races on their way to a narrow win on 13 points (crew consisted of Nils GLOCKOW, Tina LÜLFING, Rollo BÖHM, Olaf SCHMIDT). Taking second was Daniel Frost’s JJONE with 15 points (crew was Benjamin VOIGT, Daniel SCHWARZE, Jeronimo LANDAUER, Cynthia SASSENROTH). Then, taking third was Till Pomarius’s crew from SVAOE with 17 points (crew of Ole WITTENBERG, Maximilian BISCHOF, Bele SCHÜTT, Christian WARNECKE). Rounding out the top five was Frank Schonfeldt’s HENK just one point back with 18 points, and in fifth was Jannik Barop’s QUICK & DIRTY with 27 points. All three women’s’ teams finished together in the standings overall. First women’s crew was Lynn Wolgast’s crew on GER 5266 (Svea WREDE (MSC) Isabel SPRANDEL, Jette LYSSEWSKI, Lynn THORNS), followed by Emily Kern’s ROTOGIRL team 4 points behind them (Corinna THIERMANN, Maike HASS, Naomi KOSMEHL, Janne SCHLEIFER, Gesa GÖLLNER), and Ann-Kathrin Frank’s JUELSSAND team only three points further back (Lisa RASCHDORF, Carlotta MEEVES, Lea TORRNOW, Caren RAMIEN, Janne HÖPKEN). For more German J/24 Class information, visit

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