Regatta Rotation Schedule

The following was developed by the IJCA Regatta Planning Committee and offers the preferred location for Continental and World Championships through 2020.

World and Continental Championship Rotation System


Year Worlds Europeans NAs SAs
2006 Australia (Other than Europe or North America) UK USA – Rochester Perú
2007 Mexico (North America) Germany USA – Los Angeles Argentina
2008 Italy (Europe) Hungary USA – Minnesota Chile
2009 Annapolis, MD (North America) Greece Mexico Brazil
2010 Sweden (Europe) Holland USA – Seattle Perú
2011 Argentina (Other than Europe or North America) Ireland CAN – Halifax Uruguay
2012 Rochester, NY (North America) Italy USA – Jacksonville Chile
2013 Howth, Ireland (Europe) Monaco USA – Newport, RI Argentina
2014 Newport, RI, USA (North America) Sweden Mexico Perú
2015 Germany (Europe) France USA – Falmouth, ME Brazil
2016 Japan (Other than Europe or North America) UK Canada – Toronto Pacific
2017 Canada (North America) Hungary USA Atlantic
2018 Riva del Garda, Italy (Europe) Germany USA – S. Carolina Argentina
2019 Miami, Florida (North America) Greece Valle de Bravo, Mexico Atlantic
2020 Poole, UK (Europe) Italy USA – NY Pacific
2021 Potrerillos, Argentina (south America) Germany Kingston Ontario Canada Atlantic
2022 Corpus Christi, Texas (North America) Hungary USA Pacific
2023 Europe Hungary / Holland USA Atlantic
2024 North America Holland / Greece Mexico Pacific
2025 Europe France USA Atlantic