J/24 Worlds early deadline extended to August 7

Join the 80+ other J/24s signed up for the 2012 J/24 World Championship in Rochester, New York from September 13-21, and save some money too! Late entries accepted after August 7 will be subject to a late fee of $200 (USD). Register at http://2012j24worlds.com/.

From Tim Winger, IJCA Technical Committee Chair:

There will be no GPS driven instruments allowed while racing. That will include the popular Velocitek series of speed and direction instruments. The J/24 Class may have been a bit relaxed on this issue in the past in anticipation of a changing definition on the total ban of GPS in the Class Rules. The World Council has now twice defeated any relaxation of the GPS ban. See Class Rule 8.1.5. GPS direction aids are allowed on board as safety devices, but not to be used while racing. We will be looking for any GPS driven equipment mounted on the mast as evidence of use or intention to use GPS devices while racing.

The deck tie-down rigs between the foredeck and the mast bearing beam, that have been used experimentally while trying to establish support for a Class Rule change that would allow their continued use, will not be allowed. The Class Rule to allow these has run into resistance from ISAF, J Boats and some builders.

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