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    Closer to the beginning of the J-24 World Championship, we are glad to announce that we already have 24 registered boats from Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Italy and the United States.

    To have more information about the backstage of the competition, we asked the participants to write us reports about their experiences, where they can include how are going their selective processes, the regattas they will race before this championship and how are they preparing everything to come here. We would also like to have more information about them such as how are their crews training programs going on, what they expect for this event and some funny details that they would like to share with us.

    During this week we have received two interesting reports. The first one is from an American boat called On Belay, which crew will have here their first world championship experience. They are training to do their best in Argentina. In fact, next week they will be going to Halifax for the North American championships.

    The other report is from Argentina, from the boat Matanga, in which the crew explains where the name of the boat comes from and how they started to race in the J24 fleet. They have started their crew training last Saturday hoping to improve their high competition level (they achieved a 9th position in the selective process of Argentina) for the event.

    Have a look at the reports at We’ll be waiting for the rest to share their own experience with us!

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