The World’s Most Popular One-Design Keelboat!

Whether your sailing style is weeknight beer-can racing or competing on the world stage, one thing is true –the J/24 is undeniably the most popular racing keelboat around the world.    The Legendary J/24 has become the competitive launch pad for the careers of numerous America’s Cup professionals.

This year’s 2012 J/24 World Championship featured 96 boats!  The ages of the boats ranged from #58 built in 1977 to the new Pipe Dream which was one day old when she arrived in Rochester, NY!  So, while some of the world’s best sailors have the newest version J/24, a well prepared late model built to the same shape and weight as a new one can still win the J/24 Worlds as proven this year in a 1980 boat!

With numerous major J/24 events on the horizon and realizing that not everyone is ready to invest in a one of our new J/24’s, we have put together a “Special Offer”.  Now is the time to restore that J/24 that has been in the family for 25 years or buy an old workhorse and restore it for half the cost of a brand new J/24.  Check out our specials here:  J24 Facelift

·         2012 J/24 East Coasts (Annapolis, Maryland. October 26-28th)
·         2012 J/24 NA’s (Jacksonville, Florida. November 14-18th)
·         2013 J/24 Mid-Winters (Tampa, Florida. Feb. 9-13th)
·         2013 J/24 National’s (Wayzata, Minnesota June 19-22nd)
·         2013 J/24 NA’s (Newport, Rhode Island. Sept. 19-22nd)
·         2014 J/24 National’s (Marion, Massachusetts. August 22-24th)
·         2014 J/24 Worlds (Newport, Rhode Island. Sept. 20-26th)

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